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Best Single Coffee Maker Machines UK 2016

Are you a lover of coffee? Have you thought of getting yourself a new coffee maker machine lately? Well, after a careful analysis of the poplar coffee making devices, I ventured to review the top best single coffee maker machines in the UK based on performance and cost. Here are the Best Single Coffee Maker Machines UK 2016

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The Russell Hobbs 22630 Brew and Go Machine

Number 1 of: Best Single Coffee Maker Machines

When design needs to match with performance before you buy a coffee maker, then the Russell Hobbs 22630 is likely to loom out large in your buying list. It assumes a simple but awesome design that is packaged with an added metallic cup and a user manual for instructions. An iconic feature is its adjustable drip tray that fits any travelling mug or a standard coffee cup. It is designed to hold up to 450ml of coffee. The device also boasts of a 24-hour programmable mechanism that allows you to program the exact time for brewing coffee. This can allow you to schedule it for a coffee cup immediately you awake. Besides, it has got a permanent filter. In other words you won’t need to buy temporal paper filters any more once you got this gadget. Now, the Russell Hobbs 22630 seems to be the ultimate brewer for people with fixed schedules. This is owes mainly to its two features. Firstly, it is able to make fresh coffee and filter it into a mug at a press of a button. Secondly, since it is programmable, you only need to give it all ingredients and a time schedule for the moment you will need your coffee then take your stance and let it brew it at the right time. 9 in every 10 reviewers of this device gave it a 5 star rating. The users recommended it in that it was a “…great machine it’s compact and handy” and that it “definitely gives value for money.” However, a few of the buyers of this machine still weren’t satisfied of its machine size. Nonetheless, besides this one drawback, this device is really worth buying. give it a try. It doesn’t disappoint.

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Waeco MC-01 Single Cup Coffee Maker

If you are working on a tight financial budget but still wish to enjoy the pleasure of a fresh coffee cup; then it is time you spared some $20 and tried out the Waeco MC-01. This device is light-weighted (about 720g) and comes complete with a travelling mug and a fixing kit. Its design and weight make it highly portable and you can even offer it as a gift. The Waeco MC-01 is able to heat coffee of up to 150ml. It is fitted with an automatic switch-off mechanism that switches off the heater whenever a drink has boiled or when dry (empty). Just like any modern coffee brewer, it is fitted with a permanent filter and thus you can say a goodbye to the temporal traditional paper filters. This gadget will serve a great deal to people whose profession includes too much travelling. This owes much to the portability of this device. In addition, it only consumes about 12V of power; which means that you can comfortably plug it and use it in a car when on a journey. When coupled with its great design and cheap buying cost, the MC-01 is almost irresistible to purchase. On an overall scale of 5, this gadget received a 4.4 rating in its reviews. Some of the reviewers argued that it was a “…great little machine” adding that it was “…small and light” then recommended it to other buyers. Waeco MC-01 was not a darling to all its buyers however. Some of its buyers argued that it took too little coffee and some suggested that it might have a very limited durability. Then again, considering its cheap cost, it is worth the value.

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single coffee machineMorphy Richards 162005 Digital Filter Coffee Maker

That faithful coffee alarm
Now there is “something” about this particular coffee maker that makes me think of an intelligent coffee-alarm. This something is the programmable, ability of the brewer machine. It is pretty easy to set it so that it can brew coffee every dawn; and it will faithfully awake you with the aroma of coffee every single morning (provided you give it the ingredients). If you really love to drink coffee with your friends and family, Richards will never disappoint you. This is because it can be able to brew p to 12 cups of coffee every 10 minutes. The Morphy Richards 162005 coffee maker weighs close to 2.8KG and has a power rating of 240V and 1000watts. It has a capacity of up to 1.8 liters. Richards is shipped with a power plug and an accompanying user manual. Just like any modern coffee brewer, it has an internal permanent filter for sieving your drink. Finally, this gadget is also very easy to operate. Besides it being programmable, this device also has an internal hotplate that enables you keep your coffee warm at a constant temperature. Moreover, the internal fixed filter relieves the cost of replacing filters again and again. This flask is also fitted with an anti-drip device that enables it to detect whenever the coffee is ready so as to prevent it from dripping. This particular device scooped an online rating of 4.62 on the scale of 5. Virtually all its users recommended it to other buyers. Its users urged that “…It’s the only coffee machine that stands up to regular daily use” and so they called it the “…great coffee maker”. Even though it had works so perfectly, this gadget fell to satisfy most of its users in the sense that it only keeps its warmth for only 30 minutes. Even then, this brewer offers a great benefit for your money and it is worth trying out.

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Nothing is more enchanting than a cup of freshly prepared coffee in the morning. Even though this list of coffee maker machines explored a variety features and presents a list of the best coffee maker machines, I still admit that it may not perfectly fit your preference. Even so, you can still grab a pair of the above then share your experience with us. Best Single Coffee Maker Machines