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Coffee Machine Espresso and Cappuccino UK

Here we have found Coffee Machine Espresso and Cappuccino in the UK So, as you can easily understand from the title of this article, we are going to talk about anything and everything related to coffee machines that can produce espresso and cappuccino for you. If you are a coffee lover, there is no way that you do not like either of these two types of coffees.

We have seen people who like espresso and hate cappuccino; we have also found people who love cappuccino but hate espresso. Fortunately, we are yet to find someone who hates both where there are tons of people who love both the types.

In this review, you are going to know about the three premium coffee machines which can literally change the method or habit of you drinking coffee. Let’s start.

Andrew James 15 Bar Pump Barista Coffee Maker

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Do you want to go for a coffee maker which is a proper mix of value and price? If you are someone who wants great taste from a coffee maker but who also does not want to pay a fortune to get there, then this is a fine enough solution for you. Think about it. You are getting a very cool product from a company like Andrew James which will give you literally everything that you need in a coffee machine and they won’t charge that much either. It is a happy story, isn’t it?

The first thing that will catch your attention is the quality stainless steel design. It certainly gives a feel that you are using a premium product. The 15 bar pump is another great add on to the product and it can prepare you a professional quality barista style coffee. You will not only be able to tell the difference between coffee made with this machine and the ones that you can buy from a coffee shop.

The steam wand takes care of the milk mixing which is another very important part of preparing coffee. You will be able to taste the actual authentic feel of the coffee when it is prepared using this machine.

Coffee is obviously not the only drink that you can made using this coffee machine. You can prepare literally any hot drink using this machine be it regular tea or a very complex recipe of your own. A cool fact is that this is a dishwasher safe model which means that you do not need to worry about cleaning the coffee machine once you are done drinking that hot coffee.

Andrew James 15 Bar Pump Barista Coffee MakerView At AmazonCHECK PRICE
Andrew James 15 Bar Pump Barista Coffee MakerView At EbayCHECK PRICE

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Jack Stonehouse 15 Bar Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker Machine

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Let’s talk about the brand first. The name of this company is Jack Stonehouse and it is a pretty popular one when we think about the coffee making industry. Yes, the brand came late where some other ones were already started ruling but the company was able to grab a fair share of the market within a very short period of time with quality products.
So, if you are looking for something special and outstanding then you are searching in the wrong place. There is nothing special in this coffee machine and that is exactly what makes it special and different than other ones.

This coffee machine will give you a regular service for a long period of time. You will be receiving quality coffee and the one-liter water tank will make sure that you do not have to prepare coffee every time you crave for it. The pump pressure is of 15 bar and and the actual weight of this coffee machine is around 3 kg which is pretty good.

Overall, this is a simple product that takes care of your coffee needs and that is it. It doesn’t offer you a fancy display nor it wants to. It wants to serve you well with a hot cup of coffee whenever you need.

Jack Stonehouse 15 Bar Coffee MakerView At AmazonCHECK PRICE
Jack Stonehouse 15 Bar Coffee MakerView At EbayCHECK PRICE

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Excelvan 4 Cup Steam Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

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The last one in our list is the Excelvan which is a 4 cup steam espresso and cappuccino maker. This is another interesting one to go for. There are three different versions that you can try. They are of different capacity and the price also varies depending on the size.

The taste of coffee is as good as anything high priced. The product has a 3.5 bar which makes the coffee taste even better. The boiler cups are safe and the valve inside makes sure that there is always the perfect amount of pressure going on.

The outer part of this coffee machine is made of aluminum and the easy on and off control system will definitely catch your attention. It has one single knob to take care of controlling and the indicator light makes things even easier. Again, it is not a very high priced premium product, the company kept things simple but elegant at the same time.

Another great feature that you will love about this coffee maker is the quick wash options. You can easily drip it and clean it with water or spoon. The drip trays will help you in this regard. Though you cannot use machine to clean this coffee maker but the process is so easy that you will not even require a cleaning hand.

Currently, the only available color that you have is silver. Again, it looks elegant but you will not be buying this coffee machine for the look of it. You will buy it because you like to drink quality espresso or cappuccino and this coffee machine can solve that problem for you.

Excelvan 4 Cup Steam EspressoView At AmazonCHECK PRICE
Excelvan 4 Cup Steam EspressoView At EbayCHECK PRICE

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As you can see from the reviews, these are products that are affordable and have enough quality at the same time. Yes, you are not paying a premium price when you are buying one of these three coffee machines. If you have done your research, then you already know that there are products out there with huge prices.

The important thing to understand here is that whether you are getting enough value for your price or not. We think, you will be happy with the results if you go for any of these three.

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