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Espresso Coffee Machines uk

Here we take a look at espresso coffee machines in the uk

What is the most popular type of coffee around the globe? Well, there can be arguments and discussions on this topic. What if we ask you that what is the finest and premium coffee that everyone loves?

The answer will be espresso. Think about it. Before the actual coffee machines came into the market, the espresso machines were there. They were making coffee but they were called espresso machines because at times, espresso is even more popular than the coffee itself. The fact that a coffee machine can prepare espresso is ordinary but think about it this way. Coffee machines were known as espresso machines where espresso is just a type of coffee, right? That tells you the power of this type.

Espresso coffee machines are not just a need; it is a must to have thing in your kitchen. Nothing can cheer you up like a hot cup of espresso in the morning or at night when you have works to do.

VonShef 4 Bar Espresso Coffee Maker Machine

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The first product that we will talk about is the VonShef 4 bar which is an espresso coffee maker machine. Though this is an espresso machine, it does more than that. You can easily prepare lattes, cappuccinos and even hot chocolate drinks too if you want with this machine.

So, this coffee machine comes with 2 years of warranty which tells you more about the confidence of this company. Obviously, VonShef is considered as one of the premium brands when it comes to kitchen products. When you are using this coffee machine, you can always expect that the outcome will be as similar as a premium coffee shop.

The product is red in color and you do not have an option to choose colors when you are going for it which can be considered as a negative factor. But the 4 bar pump pressure along with milk frothing arm takes care of that negative effect for you. One great fact about this coffee machine is that you do not have any chances of losing the flavor of coffee when you are going for this one. The actual flavor will remain the same. As flavor is super important when you are preparing espresso, this feature definitely adds value to the machine.

It comes with extras such as drip tray which is removable and measuring scoop that has tamper attached to it. The power that it runs in is 850 watts which can be considered regular.

Overall, this is not something that you will go wow about. This is a coffee machine designed to solve your every day needs for espresso and it performs that task pretty well.

VonShef 4 Bar Espresso Coffee Maker MachineView At AmazonCHECK PRICE

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De’Longhi EC 680 M Premium Pump Coffee Machine

espresso coffee machines uk

So the next one in our list is something from the popular coffee machine makers, the De;Longhi. If you are not satisfied with the previous product that we have talked about, this might be the one for you.

This is a simple product that offers you so much value that even being costly, the machine seems like a value priced one. The design is very classy and slim. You do not have to hide it to a corner of your kitchen as you would want people to see it. There are three different colors available for you to go for.

Obviously, though this is a machine which focuses on building premium quality espresso coffee, you can also prepare things like hot tea and other beverages too if you want. The heating up process is super fast. You do not have to wait more than a few minutes to prepare a hot drink.

The mixing and the creaming features are great enough to be satisfied about. When you first look at this product, you might feel that this is something costly in terms of the features it offers but once you get to know the details, you will figure out that the cost is not as much as it might feel.

Overall, this is a brilliant one to go for at the end of the day. The machine takes 35 seconds or less to heat up the water inside which is the fastest out there. The end result is always awesome.

De’Longhi EC 680 pump coffee machineView At AmazonCHECK PRICE
De’Longhi EC 680 pump coffee machineView At EbayCHECK PRICE

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Sentik Professional Espresso Cappuccino Coffee Maker


The last one in our list is the Sentik Professional Espresso Cappuccino Coffee Maker. Well this is the last one in our list but you can no way think that this is the least one as this competes with heavy coffee machines at ease being something from the lower price point.

If you want to go for a cheaper solution or if you do not want to spend a fortune on a coffee machine, then this is the pick for you. With 3.5 bar working pressure and easy drip tray, your life becomes easier when you use Sentik Professional espresso cappuccino coffee maker.

The other products that we talked about in this review were great at making cappuccino but they were also good at making other types of coffees and hot drinks. Well, that is a tough task when you are using Sentik. Sentik is an expert in making cappuccino only so think carefully before you purchase.

On a good side, if cappuccino is what you want, you will make sure that you get it right when you go for this product. There are three different color options for you to pick from. The machine works on low power so if consumption of power is your concern then again, this is a good pick.

The machine is very compact and simple to be used anywhere on your kitchen. Overall, it is a happy solution for sure.

Sentik Professional Espresso Cappuccino Coffee MakerView At AmazonCHECK PRICE
Sentik Professional Espresso Cappuccino Coffee MakerView At EbayCHECK PRICE

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Finally, you can understand that all the three models of espresso machines that we talked about are good enough and offers great features. When all of them offer good features, things become a bit difficult for us, the consumers as we don’t know which one to go for and which one to skip. Take your time and then pick one. You will definitely enjoy your next espresso.  #espresso coffee machines uk

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