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French press coffee maker UK

French press coffee maker is an interesting design among all the coffee makers of the world. Well, not everybody goes for the French coffee makers but those who do end up liking the style in most cases. As French-press coffee makers are considered unique, those are seen in a different point of view than most of the regular ones.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that French press coffee-maker machines are bad or poor in any way. There are a lot of people who think that as French press coffee makers are cheap in terms of price, they are not good enough when it comes to quality. That is a completely wrong stereotype. Though the price is low, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality of coffee makers are bad.

Anyway, as we already established the fact that French press coffee makers are not necessarily bad, it is time to review some of the established ones out there, Let’s not waste any time and get started.

CoffeeGet 8 Cup Cafetiere French Press Coffee Maker

french press

The first one in our list is the CoffeeGet which is a 8 cup coffee maker. Obviously, this is a French press one and it comes with its benefits. The name of the company is also CoffeeGet and this is one of their premium products.

The word premium may mean something different to you. Some think that being premium means the product will be high priced. You will be amazed to know that this is one of the cheapest French press coffee makers that you will ever come across. This is something that goes of shelves pretty easily and in bulk. There are reasons behind that and price is not the only strong point of this coffee maker. Let’s know what are the features now!

You can brew coffee in a barista style in this coffee maker if you want. The aroma of your coffee will remain the same and the flavors will not go away. That is awesome. The machine can process and prepare tea too in case if you want to make tea instead of coffee on a given day. This is a cheap one but you should not think that this is a one cup model. The machine can prepare up to 8 cup at once in one go which is great.

The machine comes with extra filters and the company pretty much guaranty you that the coffee machine will last for lifetime. This is a dishwasher safe unit and you can easily wash it whenever you want which is another advantage.

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Bodum Chambord Coffee Maker £21.99

Bodum Chambord

The next coffee maker that we will talk about is another French press and it has an interesting name. The name of this coffee maker is Bodum Chambord machine which itself gives you a vibe that this is an interesting one to go for.
There are four different versions in terms of size that you can choose. There is the smallest version which can carry up to 12oz of coffee and there is the largest one which can carry up to 1.5L. There are some other units in between and the price varies accordingly.

The machine can produce up to 8 cups of coffee at a go which is pretty decent. Though it is not that cheap like the previous one we talked about, it is still cheaper than most out there.

The body is made of chrome plated frame along with stainless steel. It surely doesn’t look that special but when you will understand the durability fact, you will end up liking it. The spill over protection is a great add on too to make sure that there is no accidents.

All in all, this is definitely a good model to go for and the chances are high that you will be happy about your decision.

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Bodum CaffeTTiera Coffee Maker (French Press System)£10.29

Bodum CAFFETTIERA Coffee Maker

Obviously, the last one in our list is also from Bodum, the famous coffee maker making company. The previous coffee maker that we talked about in this very review is also from the same brand but if you didn’t like that one, you might go for this.

This is even cheaper than the previous one. It offers two different size options. The features are mostly similar but there are four different color options for you to go for which is pretty interesting.

The safety lid is great as it makes sure that there is no over flow of coffee if you are not aware about it by any chance. The black handle looks classy too. The frame is made of stainless steel and it looks great. You won’t be able to see coffee from outside which might be a negative but then again, do you really need to see coffee when it is being prepared?

The strongest point of this product is undoubtedly the price. The price is so low that it became the cost leader of the category. You should never think that the quality is poor because of the low price. The quality is as good as a French press system can have. You should not have any problem in spending a long period of time with this coffee maker at your home, office or anywhere else. This is undoubtedly a durable unit to go for.

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No matter which French press coffee maker you go for, you have to make sure that your expectations are clear enough. There is not a lot that you can ask from a French press coffee maker. There are very specific requirements that you may demand from them and you have to pick one which can ensure those criteria.

All the three ones that we reviewed in this article are good enough but not every one of them will be great for you. You have to select one which serves you the most. Take your time. Though the price is not that much but even then, it is always better to make sure that your first purchase is the last purchase.

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