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Small coffee maker machines uk

Here we found Small coffee maker machines uk. So, you are a coffee lover but you do not want to go for something big? We understand that philosophy. Coffee making machines can be a bit costly at times and that hurts. We all want to have those brilliant machines that can do everything on their own but they are not always affordable. The price of coffee machines has increased rapidly over the years due to the heavy demand from the customer end and also because of the fact that they now offer better features.

Anyway, price is not the only reason obviously that why people want to go for a small coffee maker machine instead of a big one. May be you need it for a few days, may be you do not have enough space on your home or may be you just want to experiment on how does it feel to have a coffee machine. No matter what the reason is, we are hopeful that you will find a nice enough recommendation from this article. Let’s start the reviews.

VonShef One Cup Personal Filter Coffee Machine

VonShef One Cup Personal Filter Coffee Machine

So, this is one of the smallest units of coffee machines available for you to go for. Though this is a small one, you can never say that this is not a good model. It has everything to make you go wow and apart from the size, there is nothing to feel negative about this product.

Let’s start with the brand. The brand is VonShef who are pretty famous in the kitchen space. Obviously, coffee machine is not the only thing that this brand creates. They are famous at creating and producing various kitchen related items and coffee machine is one of their recent add on. They have big units too which are successful and now they are in the small coffee machine business too.

So the first feature which will catch your attention is the compact design. The product is brilliant to look at. As this is a small unit, this is a super fast one too which will always ensure that you get your cup of coffee faster.

So, you get one cup of coffee every time when you are using this machine. This will not be able to make three cups at a time for you but it will always make sure that the quality is great. The quality will always be as good as those premium shops. The mesh filter is reusable and you do not need to use disposable paper filters when you are dealing with this coffee maker which is another positive.

The coffee machine ensures you that you will get your coffee ready to drink within five minutes once you get near to the coffee machine. The machine also comes with two years of warranty which is another great feature.

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Breville Coffee Express Personal Coffee Machine

Breville Coffee Express

So, here is a little something to get this review started. This is a five hundred ml sized coffee machine that is not only a machine but also a coffee bottle for you to drink. The name of the company is Breville. It is not a super popular one in the world of coffee machine industry but it is a new one. As a new company, it is doing pretty well when you really think about it. The product that they are offering is well priced and it comes with a ton of features too. Let’s have a look at the features that you will receive from this interesting coffee machine.

The first feature of this product is that this is a ready to use coffee machine. From touching the coffee machine to preparing your coffee, it does not take more than five minutes to complete the whole task. The 500 ml bottle makes sure that you get a full cup of coffee every time you turn this machine on. There is a gold tone filter at the outer parts of this machine which makes sure that the flavor is not wasted and the taste is as good as of any big brand.

If you really think about the price and the features that you are receiving from this product, there is no brainer that this is a must go item for you.

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Russell Hobbs 22630 Brew and Go Coffee Machine


The last product in our list is the Russell Hobbs 22630 which is a Brew and Go coffee machine. This is another brilliant product to go for. If you are looking for something cheap yet awesome then this is by far one of the best options for you to choose.

The brand is Russell Hobbs which is not a popular one but the product is better than most of the cheaper options out there. The most interesting feature that we found in this machine is the timer. You can literally set the timer in the morning to make sure that you do not have to prepare a cup of coffee with sleepy eyes when you wake up in the morning. The coffee will already be prepared thanks to that beautiful timer option the company introduced.

The drip tray fits everything and literally, everything. You do not have to worry about the splashes or spills as it takes care of those small things too. Obviously, you do not have to worry about the paper filters either as there is a permanent coffee filter used in this machine.

The coffee machine comes with an extra travel cup which is a nice add on. The company didn’t just include anything because it is free, they made sure that the travel cup is good enough to go for.

Overall, this is definitely something that you can buy and be happy about for life.

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Always remember that if you want to buy a coffee machine, you should make sure that it is good for the long run. Yes, coffee machines that we reviewed in this page are not that costly and you probably will not think much about buying one of these. We expect that you do because it will definitely prove